Employee Self Service Portal

What is an Employee Self Service Portal?

Century Mechanical Contractors has an Employee Self Service module that allows all employees to access their company information, vacation, request updates to information, and elect benefits during open enrollment or during life event changes. But most importantly, this will allow you access to your paystubs. ALL EMPLOYEES will need to set up an account. New Employees should set up their account after receiving their first paycheck to allow the office time to set each employee up in the system. You will have to first set up your access from a desktop or laptop computer. Once application is set up, you will be able to access information via mobile or tablet. You cannot make changes via mobile or tablet.

How do I access my Employee Self Service Portal? 

To access your account go to and locate the EMPLOYEES tab at the top of the page. If you have never set up your portal you will need to click the “First-Time User Register Here” link. For more detailed information click HERE

I can't remember my username or password, what do I do? 

Select the "Username & Password Help" link. As long as you know your last name, social security number, and birthdate you should have no trouble retreiving the lost information. Please keep in mind that the office doesn't keep track of your username and passwords as they are your personal responsibility. For more detailed information click HERE

I just got locked out of my account. Who can I call? 

If you have locked yourself out of your account you will need to call the office and speak to either Alexis Leach or Susan Pogue. They will be able to unclock your account.